Miles Township

Ordinances and Zoning

Miles Township does not have a Zoning Ordinance, however they do have building and setback 

requirements.  Additionally Miles Township uses the Centre County SALDO requirements.

Building Permit Process

Accessory Structures larger than 25 square feet require a  Building Permit and must meet

 required setbacks. Before a permit for a dwelling can be issued, you must first obtain a 

Sewage Permit,  a Highway Occupancy Permit and provide 2 complete sets of plans for review.

Sewage Permit

A Sewage Permit must be obtained from the Sewage Enforcement Officer, 

prior to issuance of a building permit, if the construction is for 

  • new dwelling, or 
  • commercial business, or 
  • if a renovation/addition adds any bedrooms.

Miles Township SEO Jeff Kreger, phone 570-725-2158 

Building Permit Application Process

To apply for Building Permit in Benner Township, you first MUST  obtain a Zoning Permit and 

provide two (2) sets of plans, and have the following (if required):

  • A Sewage Permit (required in new construction or renovation adding bedroom(s).
  • A Highway Occupancy Permit -from the Penns Valley Code Enforcement Agency (any time a driveway is added, or when required by Centre County).
  • A map/sketch of the site plan/plot plan with distances from the property lines.

Penns Valley Code Enforcement Agency  issues Miles Township Building Permits

Sign Permit

Prior to erecting or posting any sign or advertisement, a Sign Permit must be 

obtained.  There are some exceptions to the permit requirement. 

The fee for a Sign Permit is $35 per sign.


Sign Permits are issued by Penns Valley Code Enforcement Agency